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NBA 2K17 Tips & Tricks: Best Mid Range Money Plays

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What’s good Sports Gamers, welcome back to another NBA 2K17 vid where today I’ll be continuing my Top 5 favorite play series, where now I’m going to go over my five best mid-range plays with you and if you like our content continue to hit that like button to help us grow this channel together thanks  alright let’s do it.

Like the first 2 videos, I like to have other options mixed in that all base around the main objective of the play, which of course in this video is mid-range shots, and while the purpose is mid-range jumpers, you can parlay that into drives towards the hoop if the lane is open.

Play Name: 72 Quick 32

Playbooks: 71’ Lakers, 72’ Lakers

Ok, so just like the last vid, I’m going to start you off with a quick one first and it’s going to be 72 Quick 32. You bring the ball up to the top of the key, then pass to the wing which gets your opponent naturally looking over and what ends up happening is the initial ball handler will screen for the guy you called the play for to free him for a shot. It happens so fast; your opponent would have to anticipate this happening and I mean how could he when all it takes to trigger it is a simple pass to the wing. Quick offense at its finest.

Play Name: 90 Quick 3 Motion

Playbooks: 91’ Blazers

Next is 90 Quick 3 Motion, you again bring the ball to the top of the key and starts by you passing to the guy receiving a down screen, if the defense recovers on him, the players rotate a bit…, then you pass back to the top of the key, and a stagger screen (which is 2 guys screening for one player) will now occur for the guy you called the play for and if the defense is still with you, the big at the top of the key will  throw a screen for the initial ball handler to free you up for an open shot or drive opportunity. As you’ve seen you have 3 different occasions, for 3 different players where their teammates will attempt to get them open for a shot.

Play Name: 90 Quick Fist 13

Playbooks: 91’ Blazers

Next play I’m going to show you is 90 Quick Fist 13, you bring the ball up to the wing, then you’ll receive a screen from the big where you can drive or shoot, while at the same time a Pin Down will be happening on the other side simultaneously , where you only pass to him if he’s open, and if he’s not you let the guy who just screened for your give a pin down screen for the guy you called the play for to free him up. One point the action is on one side, then it’s on the other, then it’s back to the other side, I like that.

Play Name: Quick Flow Rip 2

Playbooks: Clippers, Kings, Pistons, Blazers

Next up is my favorite play, because it has so many options and that play is Quick Flow Rip 2, you start by bringing the ball up to the top of the key, and your first action is a screen for your guy running to the corner (only pass it to him if he’s open, if not you look to the other side where the guy you called the player for is getting a corner pin down screen, now what you do here can set you on 2 different paths. Path one is If he’s not open you can ignore the pass and he’ll set a screen for you to get free, and if the screen doesn’t work, the screener will receive  his own screen towards the opposite corner from the big men and if he also can’t get open, the big man will then screen for you to finish the play off. Now the 2nd path is if you passed it to him off the initial pin down screen and he’s suddenly covered, your still in good shape, first the initial ball handler will run around you for a handoff attempt,  then a screen on the opposite side towards the 3pt line will happen, then the big down low will attempt a back screen on the initial ball handlers defender as he continues going towards paint and if all else fails the big will then give you a screen to finish the play off. So you see why this is my favorite play, it has numerous different options all within one play that will involve your whole team in the goal of getting a bucket

Play Name: Quick Fist 4 Up

Playbooks: Mavs, Nets

And the last play I’m going to go over is Quick Fist 4 Up. You bring the ball up to the wing, where the guy you called the play for will set a screen for you to shot or drive and if nothing is there, you pass to the opposite wing, then wait for the guy you called the play for to come off the baseline screen.

So, alight guys hope I added some plays to your offense and if you have any questions leave a comment down below, and there’s more NBA 2K17 content to come so subscribe if you don’t want to miss any. Thank you all for watching and be good yall.

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