CES 2020 is currently going on, and we received some more news about the Playstation 5 at Sony’s CES 2020 Conference.

PS5 At CES 2020

Sony Interactive President and CEO Jim Ryan spoke at Sony’s CES 2020 Conference, touting the Playstation 4 at the event. Ryan said that during the second quarter of 2019, PS4 sales officially surpassed the sales of the original Playstation. That number also made the PS4 the second most sold home gaming console in history, behind the Playstation 2. Ryan later added that 106 million PS4 consoles have been sold, and 1.15 billion PS4 games have been bought by consumers.

Ryan then mentioned the latest Playstation-exclusive games that will be coming to PS4 and Playstation VR in the near future, including Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Marvel’s Iron Man VR (Virtual Reality). Afterwards, Sony Interactive’s CEO went over some newly released info on the Playstation 5, a console Ryan said will “shine a light on the world of Playstation.”

The Playstation 5 will feature 3D audio sound, Ultra HD Blu-Ray and an Ultra High Speed SSD. In addition, the PS5 will also have a new controller with haptics and adaptive triggers, as well as hardware-based ray tracing. Ryan said that with these changes, gamers will be able to create and enter new experiences that are more immersive than ever before.

Sony’s ended the Playstation portion of its CES 2020 Conference with a look at some of the new games that will be released in 2020, including Ghosts of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part II, and Death Stranding. If you want to check out the full Sony CES 2020 Conference, you can watch it down below.

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