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eSports Boxing Club Adds Canelo Alvarez

This morning, Vice President of Business Acquisitions Todd Grisham posted a video from the woods. He promised today’s announcement would be “a golden time.” Then, he punched the camera. Grisham always brings a high level of energy, but committing to this bit is above and beyond. Turns out, it’s also well-earned. Today, eSports Boxing Club welcomes another boxing legend to its growing roster: Canelo Alvarez.

eSports Boxing Club adds Canelo Alvarez

Today’s announcement forgoes the length and flare of eSports Boxing Club’s previous Fighter Announcement Shows. Such a big addition doesn’t need it, though. At only 30, Canelo Alvarez is widely considered the world’s best active boxer. Only ESPN ranks him lower, at a modest second. Alvarez has one loss on record against his 56 wins. He is a unified super middleweight world champion. Plus, he’s still going.

Although he’s still active, it’s probably not too early to say Canelo Alvarez joins other all-time great boxers in the eSports Boxing Club ring. Developer Steel City Interactive has spared no expense in assembling what they hope is the dream boxing game roster. Names like Sugar Ray Leonard, the Klitschko brothers, and Muhammad Ali. Though the game still lacks a concrete launch date (the trailer says “Coming Later in 2021”), it’s 150+ man roster more than breaks expectations.

It’s not quite box art, but doesn’t it just feel right?

What’s Next: eSports Boxing Club in May and Beyond

The Alvarez announcement was teased this weekend. The third Fighter Announcement Show was earlier this month. However, we’re still missing Steel City Interactive’s monthly Dev Update for May. April’s came late in the month, so it’s possible we could still see it in the next two weeks. Otherwise, there haven’t been any substantial gameplay updates since April.

On Twitter, Steel City did show off some more fighter scans. Jamel Herring, Seniesa Estrada, and Vasiliy Lomachenko have now digitally entered the ring. You can find more minor updates like these on ESBC’s social media pages. Until the next Dev Update, we’ll just have to watch fighters enter the intimidating camera grid (eat your heart out octagon).

eSports Boxing Club releases later this year on PC through Steam Early Access. The game is slated to release on the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to make sure you don’t miss any upcoming eSports Boxing Club news. We post regular updates to our growing YouTube channel as well. Finally, if you wanna join in the conversation about boxing and other sports games, consider becoming an SGO Insider.

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