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UFC 4 is The Latest Great Sports Game on PlayStation Plus

Hey bud. You wanna fight? Yes, you. No, not fist fight. I mean the octagon. The digital octagon, in UFC 4. You don’t own UFC 4? Well, do you have PlayStation Plus? Great, because UFC 4 is coming to PlayStation Plus starting February 1.

UFC 4 joins Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure (whew) and Planet Coaster: Console Edition (on PlayStation 5) as the latest games made available to PlayStation Plus members for free. For sports game fans, it’s a great get. Let’s say you are craving a solid career mode experience. UFC 4’s got that, with an overhauled career mode that our review calls a “much needed shot of life into the series.” Maybe you just need a fighting game in your life while you wait for the highly anticipated eSports Boxing Club. The combat in UFC 4 is the best in the series, and it’s 200+ fighters to choose from will certainly leave you prepared for ESBC’s equally colossal roster.

SGO on UFC 4: A Great Swan Song For This Generation

In our review of UFC 4, Managing Editor Mike Straw talks about the changes that EA made from UFC 3 to UFC 4 to improve the experience.

“UFC 4 has done a tremendous job of making the game feel more fluid than any other, and that’s taking into consideration some hiccups that we’ll touch on later. Everything from the striking to the takedowns to transitions look better than UFC 3.”

UFC 4 hits PlayStation Plus on February 1. If you’re interested in a UFC game but don’t have PlayStation Plus, maybe check out EA Sports UFC Mobile 2, which just dropped.

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