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Madden 17 Tips: Strong Twins Mini-Scheme

madden 17 tips

Playbook: Cardinals, Vikings, Giants, Eagles, Broncos, Redskins

Formation: Strong Pro Twins

Play: PA FB Slide


Analysis:  This play is a flood concept with a post, post corner route and flat route to the weak side of the formation. It attacks the defense at each level always giving you an option to throw to.



B (Circle on PS4): Coming out of the Playaction you want to look to for the post corner vs cover 2, cover 3 Sky/Mable and man defenses.

A (X on PS4): Your second read will be the TE on the crossing route will should be open vs cover 4, man and cover 3 match.

RB (R1 on PS4): The FB to the flat will be open vs most zone coverages and will be the checkdown for the play.

X (Square on PS4): The post will be open vs cover 2 zone and occasionally other zones if the defense is overplaying the corner post.

Watch the video above for more details on this money play and checkout some of the other plays in this mini-scheme below.

Play: PA Post Shot

Analysis: An alternative to the PA FB Slide to keep the defense off balance. Read the corner route to the TE vs man or the double posts vs zone.

Play: Double Slant

Analysis: Double slants can be a homerun hitter vs the blitz. Read both slants across the middle or the TE on the quick down and out.

Play: HB Stretch

Analysis: The stretch is probably the most dangerous run in Madden 17. Use it whenever you have numbers to the  trong size of the formation or when the defense is stacked up the middle.

Play: Counter Weak

Analysis: When your opponent is too worried about the stretch come back with the counter to the weakside of the formation.

Play: HB Dive

Analysis: When your opponent is worried about the stretch and counter the middle should be open for the HB dive. Anytime when both safeties are back you can pound the HB Dive up the middle for good yardage.

This mini scheme should keep your opponents guessing if run correctly. Stay tuned for more Madden 17 Tips here at SGO and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel here.

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