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Amidst the recent Madden 22 news leading up to the July 22 EA Live event, EA featured its third all-access EA Play Live Spotlight event. The Madden NFL 22 All-Access: Scouting, event featured a short preview of the changes made based on suggestions from the community and of course a highlight of the new scouting updates and features.

Madden 22 Scouting Revealed

Madden 22 is striving to make scouting and franchise mode more user-friendly. This means you should be able to pay as much or little attention to scouting while playing Franchise as you choose. The team is hinting at releasing updates in groups similarly to how its been done with the previous release, with September being the aim for this year’s release.

Scout Hiring and Regions

This year, scouting is getting a complete revamp in Madden 22. Scouting no longer involves points but instead relies purely on your scout’s levels and talents based on his region specifics.

Region Breakdown for scouting in Madden 22

Players can choose to utilize area scouts and a national scout. Individual scouts have strengths and weaknesses, just like players. Each region has an area to assign a scout based upon a big board.  Big board is being treated more like a media big board. Players playing better during the collegiate season, will go up the board.

Focus Scouting is a high stakes game in itself

Focus Scouting

National scout plays a big part in scouting as well, however it does come at a cost. If you are “Focus Scouting” on a particular player, you will be able to gain pertinent information. However, The media is aware you are keying in on them.

5 Mock Drafts take place over the season

Mock Drafts

Five mock drafts take place over the course of the season. As the season progresses, Mock drafts will reflect the changes that occur in the season. Prospects will reveal over the course of the year which reveals if they’re increasing or decreasing as a prospect.

Drafting in Franchise mode can become a game of chess. EA utilized the help of former scouts, NFL personnel, and coaches to make scouting more of an experience than a chore.

Madden 22 game designer, Andre Weingarten, aka Swami, emphasized getting a full scope on the talent pool can make or break the success of the scouting process, stating “you can see this guy is fast or this guy has a big arm but he doesn’t have the mental process or awareness for our game’s sake so he not going to be that guy.”

Franchise as a Live Service

This Madden Franchise will be a little different. Not only will it be more detailed than recent years, it will function as a live service, similar to Ultimate Team. It will have its differences, however this should be a positive step in the right direction. Fans have long felt that franchise was a neglected mode.

Free Agents, trades, and other focal points of an NFL season will have points of emphasis in franchise. The Hub is more complex and the different facets make the game more interesting. Overall, the team at EA want players to fully be able to tell their stories. How one plays will be unique to how someone else does.

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Miles Gabriel jr
Miles Gabriel jr
9 months ago

Electronic arts madden NFL 22 is in Bigger trouble because overpowered abilities equals a ruined broken football game that’s basically unplayable and add dynamic gameplay ruins the whole entire football game of fucking madden NFL 22?fucking everything else is goddamn dynamic because the goddamn ea developer and clint Oldenburg needs fucking fired and ea sports needs to start from scratch and make a goddamn simulation football game,not a fucking stupid arcade football game with growed ass man jumping on over each other.