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Madden NFL 17 Top 10 WORST Color Rush Jerseys

Madden NFL 17 Color Rush Worst

A few months ago with the release of the color rush jerseys into Madden 17, we went over our Top 10 best ones. So naturally we decided to investigate the other side of the side, the teams who weren’t so fortunate, The Top 10 worst color rush uniforms.

#10 New York Jet’s -I mean you’re already behind the 8-ball when your primary team color is green, I’ve learned to accept this fault with my Eagles, but then you double up on that?  Two wrongs don’t make a right here guys. A different version of this would have been a lot better in my opinion.

#9 San Francisco 49ers -The thing with black jerseys is……everybody has a black jersey, teams that don’t even have black in their primary, secondary or 35th color have black jerseys I’m tired of it dammit. Some teams can pull it off, depending on what their secondary color is, but the 49ers ones are just boring.

#8 Cincinnati Bengals -Their color rush uni’s look incomplete to me, what do you guys think? Maybe it’s because the only Bengals jerseys I think of are those loud oranges and white or orange and black ones. So white uniforms with a hint of black is basic… Somebody add some color to this these ASAP.

#7 Dallas Cowboys -Aside from being Cowboy affiliated which more than justifies their spot on the list, whenever I look at these jerseys…………..they just remind me of the Little Giants….im sorry

#6 Cleveland Browns -Being named the Browns never really gives you many options for jersey combos, but they’ve done well with what they got especially when they show off the orange more instead of the ugliest shade of brown, but they went way left with this one. Never go full doo doo brown man no….

#5 Indianapolis Colts -Now we get to the point where the team uni designers didn’t even try. I mean yea I get it, the Colts jersey history is pretty much the same uniform with minor updates, so what you get as a color rush is just some blue pants added to their team jersey….enjoy!

#4 Chicago Bears -Another lazy concoction, and this one hurts because the Bears have some cool jerseys to choose from. But nah we get the all blue alternates they’ve had since like Madden 04.

#3 Philadelphia Eagles -Fellas, Fellas. For one it’s all black, and two it’s basically a sockless version of the all black jerseys we were every season. You had the easiest job of all the teams, just pay homage to the Randall Cunningham era birds…

#2 Kansas City Chiefs -No comment……….

#1 Jacksonville Jaguars -I mean haven’t Jags fans had enough, boo boo teams usually have some fly jerseys to fall back on and you guys couldn’t even give them that. I mean…I would have even accepted an all-black color rush from them, they still would have been on the list but not number 1. Jags, get these colors out of here.

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