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NBA Live Mobile December Update Available Now

nba live mobile

EA Sports has announced the arrival of the December update of the NBA Live Mobile app. With the release of this update, players can now compete in 24-hour League vs. League tournaments. They have also tweaked the five core lineups to be more distinct from each other. This tweak should create more strategic play across the game. Some of the changes involved in this include:

  • Each lineup calls unique plays and formations.
  • Each lineup plays a set Tempo such as Balanced, Up-Temp, or Half Court.
  • Some lineups such as Big Man focus on Rebounding more. Each lineup has a Rebounding Type such as Get Back, Standard, or Crash the Boards.
  • Defensive Pressure is also something that each lineup focuses on differently. How tightly the defense plays against opponents with the ball and without the ball. The Defensive Lineup applies the most pressure, while the Shooting Lineup plays off the ball the furthest.

There are also some additional improvements regarding general gameplay, including:

  • Improved AI playcalling – much better ball movement, setting screens, and passing.
  • Pick and Roll Defense – Improvements to how the AI defends against the pick and roll (Switch, Show and Recover, and Trap).
  • Passing indicators – The player name is now displayed under the teammate who the ball will be passed to.
  • Improved responsiveness when tapping to Block or Rebound.

On top of this, they have added realtime functionality so that you can check league scores from within the app, as well as push notifications to remind you of upcoming live events.

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