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New Madden 17 Features Detailed

madden 17 features gronk

With the announcement of Rob Gronkowski as the Madden 17 cover player, EA sports also unveiled some of the key features in this year’s installment in the franchise. The first change EA noted was the new tiered system for a player’s skill. Their ability to perform certain moves is dictated by the corresponding attributes. One of the biggest criticisms in all sports games is big players being able to make quick, agile cuts with precision, while smaller players have the ability to power through defenders head on. This new system will correct that so big players bring the power while small players bring the speed. The next change on the list adds a new UI which helps novice players with the ball learn the skill moves available to them. EA has also added a feature which will perform skill moves for you; however, this is only activated on lower difficulty levels.

EA Sports is also working on making the defense more authentic. Rather than the repetitive, “one-dimensional” defense, players will have to build up a strategy when both facing and controlling the defense. Your AI teammates will adapt to whatever strategy you’re using. For example, when running gap defense, your players will put themselves in a position that allows them to defend the run better. AI players in zone coverage have also gotten a fix. They are now more aware and more likely to counter any audacious plays from the offense. This goes along with the addition of 8 new zone concepts.

Special teams also has a few changes, particularly on the kicking side of things. The kicking meter is supposed to add realism and authenticity to special teams. The defense will also benefit from icing the kicker as well as a new mechanic for blocking.

Features Representative of XBOX ONE and PLAYSTATION 4:

All-New on Both Sides of The Ball – Experience the most balanced gameplay to date on offense making you a better, more creative ball carrier, while new defensive AI puts your teammates into position to stop the run or passing game.

Redesigned and Deeper Than Ever – Take your team all the way in the deepest Franchise mode to-date, putting you at the center of your team’s Championship run.

See It and Hear It to Believe It – Feel and experience the game from a new perspective – focused on you.

Never Miss a Beat – If it happens in the NFL, it happens in Madden. Experience fresh content daily for your football fix.

A new trailer offering a first look at the game has also debuted today, which you can take a look at up top. You can check out trailer analysis below:

This year, Madden 17 has promised a lot of changes to make this game feel like a real NFL game. Do you think EA Sports will deliver? Let us know in the comments and be sure subscribe to your Youtube channel for the latest Madden NFL 17 news.

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