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Full NHL 18 Feature List Revealed

NHL 18

On Wednesday night during the 2017 NHL Awards in Las Vegas, EA Sports was on-hand to provide the full reveal for the upcoming release of NHL 18.

In addition to the game’s cover athlete and first gameplay trailer being revealed, the team at EA Sports also announced the game’s full feature set, including the debuting NHL Threes game mode.

“There’s a huge shift in the sport of hockey right now, where a new generation of young players are bringing more speed, skill and creativity to the game than we’ve ever seen,” said Sean Ramjagsingh, the game’s lead producer in a release. “NHL 18 is all about capturing everything that’s great about the new NHL. Creative Attack controls let our players show off all the skill and highlight-reel moves they can imagine, while NHL THREES brings the speed and excitement of 3-on-3 hockey to the game.”

The full feature list can be found — in detail — below. NHL 18 launches on September 15 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


CREATIVE ATTACK DEKES – All-new offensive deke moves that deliver the
creative freedom and control seen in today’s NHL, including one-handed
moves, between-the-legs dekes, back-handed toe-drags, heel drags, cheeky
puck flips and more. New deke branching gives you control to choose how
you string deke combinations together into fluid dangles based on momentto-
moment decisions and reaction time.

DEFENSIVE SKILL STICK – The new Defensive Skill Stick gives you full
control over your stick to target poke checks, keep your stick extended
against an attacker to disrupt a play, and even sweep your stick back and
forth to cover a zone.

CREATIVE TEAMMATE A.I. – Your A.I. teammates now leverage all the same
creative deking and passing tools that you do, creating smarter plays up and
down the ice. Teammates are better at finding you in breakout opportunities
through off-the-boards bank passing, lead passing and improved positioning.
A.I. will also use the new Defensive Skill Stick, making them more effective
teammates in your own zone.

AUTHENTIC 3-ON-3 EASHL – You no longer need all five of your teammates
to fill an EASHL match. Jump into 3-on-3 and experience a whole new
competitive arena. Bringing authentic NHL 3-on-3 overtime to EA SPORTS
Hockey League, you can now choose to play 3-on-3 full matches, opening up
more ice for you and your teammates to get creative, pull off big plays, and
showcase brand new skill moves. With more space to attack – and to make
mistakes – 3-on-3 EASHL is higher stakes with more competition and skills.



NHL Threes is a welcomed addition to the NHL familyNHL Threes is the big new mode in NHL 18

NHL THREES – An all-new 3-on-3 hockey experience with bigger hits, faster
action and more open-ice to create big plays, beautiful dangles and more
goals. NHL THREES is inspired by fun, pick-up-and-play arcade sports games
where you can play any way you want to, online or offline, co-op or

CAMPAIGN MODE – NHL THREES features a complete single-player
campaign mode where you compete against different teams and leagues in a
circuit-style journey. Progress through the campaign and unlock objectivebased
rewards along the way – including new teammates, jerseys, logos and
even a few surprises!

THREES commentator delivers more humor and fun with a unique, over-thetop
style that keeps the crowd roaring. New broadcast presentation means
your goals come with a whole new sizzle.

NEW ARENAS – Brand new NHL THREES arenas deliver more color, more
special FX and completely unique on-ice designs that keep your games fresh
and as exciting as the gameplay.

ALL ACTION – Jump into NHL THREES and keep the pace fast and exciting
after the puck drops. No offsides and no icing means anything goes and the
fun doesn’t slow down. Every penalty sends you straight to center-ice for a
penalty shot and the chance to earn a crucial goal.

THREES ONLINE – NHL THREES features Online Vs. and Online Team Play to
jump into the fast, fun 3-on-3 hockey on a team with your friends. Join two
other friends and pick your team before jumping online against three other
friends in a full six-player competitive, over-the-top hockey game.

PLAY BY YOUR RULES – In NHL THREES, you decide how to win the game.
Flip a coin to determine the rules and the winner chooses how many periods
to play or what goal limit determines the winner. Gotta win by two? It’s all up
to you. Capitalize on opportune Money Pucks with varying point values to
change the dynamic of the game and secure a big win.

ULTIMATE COUCH CO-OP – Team up with your friends and play NHL
THREES cooperatively or competitively with the most combinations of
mixing local and online co-op play than previous any EA SPORTS NHL game.

NEW BUTTON CONTROLS – An all-new modern control scheme allows
players who prefer to use face-button controls to pull of the same skill moves
and goals as Skill Stick players, leveling the playing field and ensuring that
every player can make an impact, even if it’s their first time lacing up the



EXPANSION DRAFT – Reshape the entire NHL with the new Expansion Draft
feature in Franchise Mode where you get to create and draft a 32nd NHL
team and shake up the league. Run an authentic expansion draft where you
select the best players from across the league, build a unique roster and take
on the front office role to manage the team, the business and the games. Or if
you’re playing as an existing franchise, protect your current team roster in
the Expansion Draft by setting your own Protected Player list.

MORE EXPANSION LOCATIONS – You select the hometown for your 32nd
expansion team, from cities all across North America and even in Europe –
from Stockholm to Helsinki to Berlin to St. Petersburg. You choose the place
and team and compete to bring the Stanley Cup back to your hometown.

CREATE-A-MASCOT – Once you’ve drafted a new NHL team, use the new,
deeper Creation Zone customization tools to choose your city, build an arena,
design a uniform and a logo, and for the first time ever – design your very
own custom mascot.

VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS – Be the first to play as the Vegas Golden Knights
before they play their first NHL Regular Season game. Lace up as the official
Vegas Golden Knights team, including authentic rosters, uniforms, logo and
the opportunity to play in the brand new T-Mobile Arena.


MOST MULTIPLAYER OPTIONS EVER – NHL 18 gives you more ways to play
local and online multiplayer – cooperatively or competitively – than any other
sports videogame. It no longer matters if your friends are on the couch,
online, or both. With over 64 ways to team up and play on the couch or
online, no other sports videogame lets you play with friends like NHL 18.

CO-OP PLAY IN MORE MODES – Whether you need a helping hand or just
want to show off roster, you can now invite your friends to join you and help
you progress in more modes, including Hockey Ultimate Team™, Online Vs.


BE A PRO TRADE REQUESTS – You can now request to have your Be a Pro
traded to other teams, including specific trade criteria like a division rival, or
a major Cup contending team.

HUT SOLO CHALLENGES – New to Hockey Ultimate Team, compete in HUT
Solo Challenges for a chance to earn unique rewards and help build your
team. HUT Solo Challenges are updated with dynamic content and new
rewards to earn, making them the perfect way to get a quick hockey fix.

CONTRACT EXTENSIONS – Franchise Mode now features the ability to offer
contract extensions and ensure the right players stay on your roster.

HOCKEY TRAINING CAMP – NHL 18 features an all-new Training Camp
designed to ensure you get on the ice and have success immediately. Watch
real-life videos from hockey professionals that teach you the right moves for
the right moments, then jump into the training sessions and complete each
challenge to become the most competitive player you can be. Training Camp
is also now integrated in the in-game Coaching Feedback tips and On-Ice
Trainer, allowing you to hear the feedback and watch videos on-the-fly that
teach you how to improve your play.

MORE BROADCAST CAMERAS – Just like the real NHL, new broadcast
camera angles deliver the same immersive angles for goal replays, big saves,
and between-whistle moments.

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