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MLB The Show 17 New Features and Improvements Detailed

mlb the show 17 gameplay new features and improvements

In this vlog from San Diego Studios we learned many new things about MLB The Show 17 ranging from ball physics, new outfield celebrations for players and Improved AI. This was just a short four-minute sample piece of some of the new gameplay features that we will see, and more will be revealed on San Diego Studio’s official Twitch channel, where the developers will do all of their broadcasting from. But, let’s get into a bit of depth of what MLB showed us today.

Ball Physics

mlb the show 17 ball physicsMLB The Show made a big point to add in realistic ball physics into the game this year. That means there will be a lot more of the “bad hops” that even the best of us like to use as an excuse for botching that ground ball. It also will provide many more types of hits, and bring a sense of realism when the ball tail’s in from the third base line and hops over the short railing for a ground rule double.

Improved AI System

Have you ever been playing MLB The Show, hit a towering fly ball to the monster, but not quite high enough to go over, and the AI controlled fielder is in the PERFECT spot to field the ball and throw you out trying to go to second? Yeah, same here. This change will make the AI, more “humanlike” so they won’t always be able to pinpoint the exact spot of the ball. It also should prevent how even without looking, they can still somehow now exactly where you are, and exactly where you want to go.

Catcher Throwing Meter

A meter system has been implemented, to give the user-controlled catcher a better control over throwing out their baserunner. The meter is quite simple in design, and should allow you to make more on-target throws to your basemen. The green or, “sweet-spot” will increase in size, according to your catcher’s throwing accuracy attribute. So… you STILL want to put some guy who has no business back behind the plate?

Improved Catch and Throw System

Too many times I’ve allowed an infield base hit, all because my infielder gets a terrible animation, and takes way too long to throw to first base. With this, hopefully that should be of the past. It focuses on fielding ground balls, or receiving a throw, and making clean, sleek, and most important, sensible throws by your controller fielder. It also factors in where your arm is at the current time, and how you are positioned, to pick a realistic, and a smart throw on to your target.

mlb the show 17 celebration

As always, MLB likes to add in that feel of going to a baseball game. That’s why the fans, and even the surrounding town outside of the ballpark, looks way better compared to any other sports games. They’ve added in new player and team specific celebrations, as well as updated and motioned-captured new batting stances and animations to make everything authentic and crisp.

Like I said, this was just a short piece that we have gotten, so there is A LOT still to come. I’m very happy with what I saw and watched, as these are things I had wanted and wished for to be changed. I am very excited for the release of MLB The Show 17, dropping on March 28. For more news on the upcoming game, make sure to subscribe to our Youtube and check back here at Sports Gamers Online for the latest on your favorite sports games.


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