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MLB The Show 22 Celebrates Series’ Past and Future with New Programs

MLB The Show 22 just added a large amount of new content revolving around both the legends of baseball and the future stars of the game. This update also begins a week of Double XP, which ends on April 29th.

MLB The Show cover athlete program & more

A new program will now allow fans to earn cards that were previously only available to those who pre-ordered the game. The Cover Athlete program includes moments parallel XP missions, and a showdown. The program rewards The Show packs, a Headliners Pack – Set 1, stubs, and the Cover Athletes Choice Pack. This choice pack includes 88 overall versions of several of the legendary players who have graced the cover of MLB The Show in years past.

Topps Now Moments

The next set of Topps Now moments cards have arrived in the April Monthly Awards Program. By completing the six new moments, players can earn 84 overall cards for C.J. Abrams, Nestor Cortes, and Brandon Marsh. Collecting these cards, along with the five Topps Now cards from last week, will reward players with an 87 overall Seiya Suzuki.

Moonshot Event

The fan-favorite Moonshot Event has made its return to MLB The Show this week. The Moonshot Event is famous for pitting the best hitters in the game against the worst pitchers, setting the stage for the biggest homers players will see in the game. The official rules for the event are as follows:

  • Common Pitchers Only
  • Any Hitters
  • Coors Field Only
  • 3 Inning Games
  • Min Player = OVR
  • All-Star Difficulty

The event’s reward path includes tons of stubs, The Show and Headliners Packs, and at 15 wins 90 overall Breakout Tim Salmon. The Moonshot Event ends at noon PT on April 25th and has been promised to make more appearances throughout the year.

Headliners Pack

The Headliners Pack – Set 7 has arrived. The new headliner is 92 overall Prime Matt Carpenter.

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