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MotoGP 19 is Available Now: What to Expect From the Racing Game

MotoGP 19 is out now for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, and will be available for Nintendo Switch users on June 27. Here now is a look at what to expect in the latest game from Milestone.

MotoGP 19

Milestone has touted that this year’s game features a “never-before-seen level of challenge and realism,” as players can participate in a racing season or put themselves in the shoes of a young and up-and-coming driver, and work their way up the ranks from the Red Bull MotoGP™ Rookies Cup to the top ranked class.


MotoGP 19 features A.N.N.A (Artificial Neural Network Agent), an AI developed by Orobix. A.N.N.A. will give players an “incredible level of challenge”, as opponents will be faster and more precise. If the AI is too difficult for some, the difficulty level can be customized to fit the needs of each player.

Online Play

Multiplayer mode also has been improved, as Milestone has introduced dedicated servers for online play. Players can create their own private lobby for their friends, or can join public lobbies to find a certain race.

However, online multiplayer mode will not be available for Nintendo Switch users, and will be replaced in the game by local multiplayer.

Historical Challenges and Customization

With over 50 legendary riders and 35 official 500cc bikes in the game, players can take a trip back in time and race on 19 official tracks, three of which are dedicated historical tracks (Laguna Seca 2013, Donington 2009, Catalunya 2015).

In addition, players can choose different accessories to customize their rides, and players can also create their own helmet and race numbers.

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