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Football Manager 21 Trailer Features Interface, Player Interactions, & More!

FM 21 perfect your tactics

Sports Interactive released a brief trailer on Twitter showing off some of the features coming to Football Manager 21. The minute long trailer is a sneak peek at the FM 21 interface and includes interacting with players and press. We’re also looking at many, many graphs.

There are a lot of screens packed into this short trailer. We start with a quick look at the squad screen, where you can pull up players by position. A second screen shows where you can set your squad’s needs. Then, we see the classic football mechanic, applying for a player’s transfer. Stuff we’re expecting out of a Football Manager game.

Building A Healthy Environment – Good Managing Skills

Without doing a deep dive on the entire one minute trailer, I wanted to look at Football Manager 21’s player interaction features. In the trailer, Tom Cleverley asked, “Hi boss, did you want a word?” Often these questions towards management come from a place of worry. When you aren’t sure why your boss wants to speak with you, your brain immediately goes to the worst possible reasons. The features trailer does not show the options to respond to this message. However, FM 21 does two things of note.

Football Manager 21 features
When you’re managing people, in sports or in retail, stuff like this is really important to establishing a healthy environment.

First, the game specifies your body language, which appears to immediately impact your conversation. Second, the manager offers praise, which seems well received coupled with the previous body language selection. If these are each their own choices, there is potentially a lot of depth in conversations alone in FM 21.

A grid of members of the press await you in FM 21, all with different questions. Although, the trailer features the question “Will the new signing start?” which may be a bad example. According to the trailer, Football Manager 21 features more data in more ways than ever before.

Football Manager 21 releases on PC and Mac via Steam and the Epic Games store on November 24, and you can preorder now to save 10%. FM 21 makes its return to consoles on the Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X at a later date.

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