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FIFA 22 Devs Reveal More on HyperMotion

Last week EA revealed a trailer showing off their new technology for FIFA 22. HyperMotion is the newest next-gen technology pushing FIFA 22 to feel more realistic and authentic. To take FIFA’s feel to the next level, EA strapped 22 players into motion capture gear to catch the fluidity, emotion, and integrity of the worlds sport. On Tuesday, EA kicked off its massive week with an EA Spotlight Event which revealed more details about HyperMotion technology.

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FIFA & HyperMotion Gameplay

Electronic Arts laced up 22 players in motion capture gear for a football match in Spain to complete their data on its HyperMotion technology. This technology captures more frames, emotions, and animations than in previous FIFA titles. To give FIFA 22 multiple new features that create an immersive experience for players, HyperMotion adds 4000 new animations to the game, which is three times more than FIFA 21. Producer , Sam Rivera, described it as “the biggest refresh we have ever had in any FIFA”.

Within this new reveal, the producers discussed new features HyperMotion brings to FIFA 22, including kinetic air battles, player humanization, tactical AI, and more. Some of these features have been mentioned in past titles. However, they are significantly upgraded for this year’s game. The producers went on to talk about player feedback. Community feedback helps fuel decisions for upcoming patches and titles. “We also look at data, we know a lot of things, like the health of the game,” Sam Rivera states. “We analyze all this to try to make the best decisions”.

HyperMotion is set to bring the FIFA series to a new level for next-gen consoles. Not only is this technology going to change gameplay, but it will influence other modes such as career mode and ultimate team. Electronic Arts will be revealing more about FIFA 22 soon, with information about other modes. 

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