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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Co-Op Revealed

EA Sports revealed FIFA Ultimate Team Co-op and more in an official trailer released today. Though the trailer focuses on the new social aspects coming to FIFA 21’s FUT, EA also shows this year’s FIFA Ultimate Team 100.

The biggest reveal is the addition of FIFA Ultimate Team co-op. Players will be able to invite a friend to join their FUT squad in either Squad Battles or Division Rivals matches. Matchmaking for co-op Division Rivals matches, which are FUT’s ranked player versus player matches, will be based on the higher of the duo’s rankings. EA clarified in a Pitch Notes post that co-op ranked matches will not act as an accelerator for lower ranked players. For solo players who don’t want to play against co-op players, you’ll be able to choose between solo & duo or solo-only when queuing up for matches.

The trailer also reveals that players will be able to play against AI in squad battles to find your skill level for Division Rivals, rather than playing online qualifiers. This is a new concept for competitive ranked modes. This could help relieve some of the anxiety of playing your first ranked match against another human player and make FIFA 21’s Division Rivals mode more accessible.

Team and Community Events

Keeping focus on social aspects, FIFA 21 FUT will have new types of events as well. Team events present players with one of two teams to join and games played count as progress towards earning FUT rewards for your team. Community events encourage FUT players to work together, awarding players based on goals met by the community-at-large rather than individually.

FUT Stadium

Your FUT team will still be able to play in all of the licensed stadiums available in FIFA 21. For players who want something more unique, FIFA 21 has added the FUT Stadium, an arena where you can change the color scheme and decor to match your style. When you first unlock the FUT Stadium, you’ll be able to change your team’s badge, ball, kits, celebrations, crowd chants, and more, opening up an opportunity to create a home for your FUT team that matches your playstyle and your personality.

The trailer also reveals Icons: The FUT 100. This set of FUT cards highlights 100 of the biggest and best to ever do it. You can find a more detailed list of The FUT 100 in a blog post on EA’s website.

If you crave more FIFA Ultimate Team details, you can find a deep dive on the new changes in EA’s latest Pitch Notes. FIFA 21 will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 9th. You can find more FIFA 21 trailers and coverage right here on Sports Gamers Online.

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