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Super Mega Baseball 2 Patch 1.03 Released, Details Inside

Super Mega Baseball 2

Metalhead Software has released the latest patch for Super Mega Baseball 2.

While it isn’t a large update, the patch does address a number of issues while adding a couple small improvements. You can check out the full notes below.


  • Show Ego & Rating for both players before a match in Pennant Race mode.

  • Improvements to season scheduling algorithm to better distribute games played when using unusual conference/division breakdowns.

Issues addressed:

  • Fixed: Potential hang in character/uniform editor when editing uniforms/players.

  • Fixed: Potential save data issues (Sorry Slugger).

  • Fixed: Visual issues when rapidly flipping through options in the uniform editor.

  • Fixed: Issue where tables with many entries would advance 2 pages instead of 1.

  • Fixed: Some incorrect distance labels on outfield fences.

  • Fixed: Volume levels of female umpires.

  • Fixed: Boat in Emerald Diamond Stadium potentially drawing in the wrong spot for 1 frame.

  • Fixed: Potential crash when swapping the defensive position of a pitcher with a position player.

  • Fixed: Reduced number of step-out attempts allowed in Pennant Race games.

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