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5 NXT Brand Female Superstars That Need to Be In WWE 2K20!

WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20 rumors have already been surfacing around the web. While we await official word and the roster reveal, it’s nice to ponder who might make the cut this year. Here are five female superstars we think need to be in WWE 2K20.

5 Must-Have Female Superstars For WWE 2K20

Toni Storm (NXT UK)

Complete with infectious charisma, Toni Storm has proven to be quite the competitor since joining WWE. Not only is she current NXT UK Women’s Champion, Storm is also the winner of the 2018 Mae Young Classic. As a two-time May Young Classic participant, and current champion, Toni Storm has made more than enough appearances to be featured in this year’s game. As with any new star added into the game, we are likely see several new moves added along with her, including:

  • Running Left-Leg Big Boot
  • Snap German Suplex 2
  • Seated Hip Attack(s)
  • Strong Zero (Air-Raid Crash to Knee)
  • Storm Zero (Tiger Driver)

Rhea Ripley (NXT UK)

Rhea Ripley transitioned into a more dangerous character over the course of 2018. She made a return in the 2018 Mae Young Classic with a more sinister look and nasty mean streak. Although she was not victorious, Ripley would later make her presence known by becoming the first ever NXT UK Women’s Champion. She pinned current champion, Toni Storm, in the finals of the inaugural tournament. Being a two-time participant of the Mae Young Classic and a mainstay in the women’s UK division, it’d be hard to see Ripley not being featured this year. That also means her theme song, “Brutality” featuring Ash Costello would be available. Ripley would also likely bring the following new moves:

  • Standing Inverted Cloverleaf
  • Several new Dropkicks
  • Running Corner Big Boot
  • Riptide (Pumphandle Powerbomb Variation)

Io Shirai (NXT)

In July 2018, Shirai was announced as a  participant in the second Mae Young Classic tournament. Shirai would punch her way to the finals defeating Xia Brookside in round one. She then defeated Zeuxis, Deonna Purrazzo and the aforementioned Rhea Ripley to advance to the finals that took place at WWE Evolution. Although she was defeated by Toni Storm in finals, Shirai went on to make an impact in the NXT territory. She now stands poised to dethrone current NXT Women’s Champion, Shayna Baszler. A few moves likely to be introduced with the video game debut of Io Shirai include:

  • Handstand Double Knee Drop
  • Wrist-Clutch Knee Strike
  • Wheelbarrow Foot Stomp
  • Crossface 2
  • Tope Crossbody
  • New Springboard Missile Dropkick variation
  • Triangle Moonsault (To outside)
  • New Moonsault variation

Jinny (NXT UK)

In terms of big wins, Jinny has found little success on television when compared to some of the others on this list. Nonetheless, Jinny has been competing off and on with the company since Wrestlemania 33 Axxess. she also participated in the 2018 Mae Young Classic where she took on long time rival, Toni Storm, in a losing effort. She would later challenge Toni Storm for the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Both shots at Toni Storm resulted in a loss, but Jinny has proven to be something of a mainstay for the women’s division on the UK brand. Some moves to expect to be included with Jinny are:

  • Seated Cobra Clutch
  • Roundhouse Kick (with opponent on top rope)
  • Snap Forearm Smash
  • Corner Japanese Arm Drag
  • Turnbuckle Flatliner (unique corner counter)
  • Roll-Through Modified Surfboard Stretch
  • Touch of Couture (Ripcord Rolling Axe Kick)

Mia Yim (NXT)

Mia Yim’s inclusion in a WWE game has been a long time coming. She’s interacted with the company since 2014 with small a hiatus here and there. Yim would appear as a rosebud for Adam Rose’s gimmick. In addition, she’s acted as enhancer talent, facing future champion Charlotte Flair. Yim is also a two-time Mae Young Classic participant where she even received a similar standing ovation to Cedric Alexander’s performance in the Cruiserweight Classic. Since then, she’s been in NXT changing her style and evolving as a competitor. Like Io Shirai, Yim looks to be apart of the new guard set to rule NXT. Along with Yim, we’re likely to see these moves make it into WWE 2K20:

  • Kneeling Chest Kicks
  • Axe Kick Combo (Gut Kick to standing Axe Kick)
  • Seated Cannonball variation
  • Overhead kick Combo (Spinning Gut Kick into Pele)
  • Sole-Food (Eat Defeat variation)

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