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AEW Console Game Footage and Mobile Updates

In Episode 4 of the 2.Show, Allie Bunny and Aubrey Edwards from AEW Games joined forces to deliver new updates to AEW Casino: Double or Nothing, Elite General Manager and revealed some new footage of the AEW console game.

AEW Console & Mobile Game Updates

Darby Allin added in game model

Since the announcement of an AEW console game, it’s been relatively quiet. That silence has ended as they revealed Darby Allin’s character model and released a tiny bit of gameplay footage. Kenny Omega made the promise that he would deliver some new updates and he did just that. The character model showcased Allin’s signature make-up and ring attire. In the gameplay footage, Allin was performing a small variety of moves including springboards, strikes, and irish whips. Aubrey Edwards re-affirmed the development team is working hard to make a great game.

Elite General Manager executive producer, Aubrey Edwards, gave new updates to the general manager game. She revealed the mobile game had a closed beta and there were plenty of obstacles for the team. There were plenty of bugs including game-crashing finishers and glitches. However, progression is steady. Multiplayer is available and more features are coming.

Continuing, Edwards expressed one of the goals she had for the closed beta was truly testing the servers. She said that slowly adding people to the game has helped achieve that goal. Another closed beta will happen in the future.

Lastly, the AEW Casino game has seen plenty of updates since its release. Edwards talked about the strong and growing player base the game has coupled with different levels of connectivity from fans and wrestlers alike. The profitability of the game created revenue to deliver future projects. Gifts like championship belts can be given and more updates are expected. New brand integrations will be updated into the game soon enough.

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