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SGO Weekly: Street Power Soccer Updates, Skater XL, and More! (7/19/2020 – 7/25/2020)

Street Power Soccer SGO Weekly

Check out the latest SGO Weekly where we gather news you may have missed. This iteration features a new mode coming to Street Power Soccer and more from Skater XL.

SGO Weekly: Street Power Soccer, & More!

Street Power Soccer Elimination mode trailer

SFL Interactive and Maximum Games released a new gameplay trailer showcasing the elimination mode in Street Power Soccer. Elimination mode features 1v1 on half a playground with two teammates from each side on the bench. On every scored goal, the opposing player is eliminated and must leave the field. Then, another teammate subs. This continues until one team has no players left. If you catch the ball in elimination mode, you have 10 seconds to get to the goal and score, after which the goal will close only to re-open after stepping outside the penalty area or losing possession of the ball.

Street Power Soccer launches digitally and physically for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on August 25.

Skater XL reveals the ‘The Big Ramp’

Easy Day Studios revealed a new map for Skater XL. The Big Ramp map releases at launch with Skater XL on July 28 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. ‘The Big Ramp’ draws inspiration from desert dwelling ramp structures and encompasses the many different sizes and shapes of ramp. This includes the backyard verts of the 80’s, to the boundary breaking mega structures of recent years. The Big Ramp is a plywood paradise for exploring and discovering technical features like quarterpipes, hips and tabletops.

Other news

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