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WWE 2K22 Codes Being Sold By 2K NextMakers Ahead Of Launch

In our industry, one of the perks, if you will, is being able to play the latest video games ahead of launch in exchange for coverage. Sure, it can get tiring bouncing from one game to another in quick order without getting to really enjoy the game’s we love. However, that’s part of the business.

And I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I mean, I get paid to cover video games for a living.

Take that, Mom!

With all the fun of being able to play and talk about the latest games, there’s also some responsibility. A responsibility to the readers, viewers, and the companies that provide these early-access codes. That’s why it’s frustrating when people given this access take advantage of a system to profit in ways they shouldn’t be able to. In this case, I’m talking about the 2K NextMakers program and WWE 2K22 Codes.

Who’s Selling The WWE 2K22 Codes?

Sunday afternoon, sources informed SGO of copies of WWE 2K22 NWO 4-Life edition being sold for less than listing price online. While that’s nothing to take a second look at, it was then discovered that members of the 2K NextMakers program had finally received their codes for WWE 2K22 on Sunday. That just happens to be around the same time these listings started to appear, and it was for the same version of the game the NextMakers had been receiving.

The forum listing shortly after 2K NextMakers were confirmed to have received codes

I managed to get an email of one “Eric Carlson” who was selling these codes. After talking with some members of the program, there wasn’t anyone with that name within the program. That basically said one of two things:

  1. It was a fake name being used to cover.
  2. This “Eric” was being given the codes from various NextMakers to sell.

Either way, I decided to email as though I was interested in buying one of these copies in order to get information on how they were received. Needless to say, it took a little bit before getting enough to reach out to 2K.

“Codes were obtained from PR,” Carlson said.

After getting that final email, I reached out to multiple contacts directly at 2K, including the Senior Manager of Global Communications Al Stavola. Unfortunately, not a single response was received. And even one source who tipped me off on this said he tried to make 2K aware, but no one seemed to care.

A source within 2K did say exactly what was expected, “We would never give out codes to be sold. That’s how you get fired”

Why Should You Care?

If 2K clearly didn’t seem bothered by this practice, the question becomes why should I? Or why should others?

It’s simple: It’s shady practice taking advantage of a privilege to earn a profit on zealous fanbases.

Members of 2K NextMakers are hand selected by the company to get this access, promote the games, and represent the studio. To turn around and abuse that membership in order to sell the games they are provided shows a lack of respect towards everyone else who does things by the book.

I’m not saying everyone should brown nose for getting this access. What I’m saying is that there are certain standards that need to be upheld, and not selling these games is at the top of that list. It’s one thing if you don’t need a code and you want to give it away for free. Hell, we’ve done that numerous times here at SGO.  We get a couple codes for review, only use one, and let the studio/publisher know we are giving it away to a reader/viewer. Not once did a studio have a problem with that. What we’ve never done is turn around and sell a code.

While countless others continue to bust their asses to make it in this industry in one way or another, to see those with the access take advantage of it is nothing sort of frustrating. In fact, it’s down right maddening.

Now, WWE 2K22 isn’t the only game being sold by third parties in this manner. But, with the information we were given, it was the main game mentioned. Other games like Gran Turismo 7, Elden Ring, and others also appeared on the same site at/around the day people with early access began to receive the game.

It’s clear that this issue goes further than what’s currently known.

For more on this story, stick with Sports Gamers Online and Should more information come to light, we will update this article.

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