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MLB 15 The Show Roster Update – April 13th


MLB 15 The Show rosters were released including the Braves & Padres trade as well as a host of other player changes as you can see below:


  • Bradley_Archie ARI
  • Cunniff_Brandon ATL
  • Martin_Cody ATL
  • McKirahan_Andrew ATL
  • Garcia_Jason BAL
  • Johnson_Micah CHW
  • Iglesias_Raisel CIN
  • Marquis_Jason CIN
  • Betancourt_Rafael COL
  • Nesbitt_Angel DET
  • Wojciechowski_Asher HOU
  • Madson_Ryan KAN
  • Orlando_Paulo KAN
  • Featherston_Taylor LAA
  • Blazek_Michael MIL
  • Graham_JR MIN
  • Gilmartin_Sean NYM
  • Canha_Mark OAK
  • Ladendorf_Tyler OAK
  • Herrera_Odubel PHI
  • Kang_Jungho PIT
  • Liz_Radhames PIT
  • Olson_Tyler SEA
  • Andriese_Matt TAM
  • Beckham_Tim TAM
  • Dykstra_Allan TAM
  • DeShieldsJr_Delino TEX
  • Kela_Keone TEX
  • Verrett_Logan TEX
  • Castro_Miguel TOR
  • Hynes_Colt TOR
  • Osuna_Roberto TOR
  • Travis_Devon TOR


  • RP Kevin Gausman moved from Orioles Starting to Orioles Relief.
  • SP Ubaldo Jimenez moved from Orioles Relief to Orioles Starting.
  • SS Everth Cabrera moved from Orioles Bench to Orioles Position.
  • SS JJ Hardy moved from Orioles Position to Orioles Minors.
  • CF Rusney Castillo moved from Red Sox Position to Red Sox Minors.
  • CF Mookie Betts moved from Red Sox Bench to Red Sox Position.
  • CP Edward Mujica moved from Red Sox Relief to Red Sox Closer.
  • CP Koji Uehara moved from Red Sox Closer to Red Sox Minors.
  • CP Brad Boxberger moved from Rays Relief to Rays Closer.
  • SP Alex Cobb moved from Rays Starting to Rays Minors.
  • SP Chris Sale moved from White Sox Minors to White Sox Starting.
  • 1B Nick Swisher moved from Indians Position to Indians Minors.
  • SP Justin Verlander moved from Tigers Starting to Tigers Minors.
  • CP Joe Nathan moved from Tigers Closer to Tigers Minors.
  • CP Joakim Soria moved from Tigers Relief to Tigers Closer.
  • LF Cody Ross moved from D’backs Position to D’backs Minors.
  • CF Coco Crisp moved from A’s Position to A’s Minors.
  • CF Cameron Maybin moved from Padres Minors to Braves Bench.
  • CP Jason Grilli moved from Braves Relief to Braves Closer.
  • SP Trevor Cahill moved from D’backs Starting to Braves Starting.
  • CF Matt den Dekker moved from Mets Minors to Nationals Bench.
  • 3B Anthony Rendon moved from Nationals Position to Nationals Minors.
  • RP Jerry Blevins moved from Nationals Relief to Mets Relief.
  • 1B Eric Campbell moved from Mets Position to Mets Minors.
  • RP Phil Coke moved from Free Agent 1 to Cubs Relief.
  • LF Chris Dominguez moved from Free Agent 1 to Reds Bench.
  • RP Chad Qualls moved from Astros Closer to Astros Relief.
  • CP Luke Gregerson moved from Astros Relief to Astros Closer.
  • 3B Matt Dominguez moved from Astros Bench to Astros Minors.
  • SP Jeff Locke moved from Pirates Minors to Pirates Starting.
  • CF Gary Brown moved from Giants Minors to Cardinals Minors.
  • 2B Aaron Hill moved from D’backs Position to D’backs Bench.
  • RP Rex Brothers moved from Rockies Relief to Rockies Minors.
  • CP Joel Peralta moved from Dodgers Relief to Dodgers Closer.
  • CP Craig Kimbrel moved from Braves Closer to Padres Closer.
  • RP Joaquin Benoit moved from Padres Closer to Padres Relief.
  • CF Melvin Upton Jr. moved from Braves Minors to Padres Minors.

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