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MLB The Show 16: Developer Q & A

The developers of MLB The Show 16 hosted a Q and A session live yesterday to answer all of the most asked questions about their game. Many aesthetic upgrades and changes are highlighted in the video such as matte helmets and stadium updates and texture upgrades. But without further adieu, let us get right into this Q and A session with some of the most popular questions asked:

Q: Are the new legend and flashback players in the free agent pool like last year?

A: The legends will be in the free agent pool, however the flashback players are exclusive to Diamond Dynasty so they will not be.


Q: I don’t understand captains.

A: Complete the missions, get tickets, the tickets allow you buy the stuff the captains have, which is cycling out all the time. So there is no ‘do x to earn y’ scenario, it is more of earn tickets to get whatever is currently in the captains shops.


Q: Can we choose the team that drafts us in RTTS?

A: Yes, although it could mess with your projected draft pick, which is not a huge deal.


Q: Do certain game modes earn tickets faster than others?

A: No not really. The quickest way to earn tickets though is by completing captains’ missions.


Q: Have you done anything to Franchise Mode?

A: We have done a lot to Franchise Mode and you should come back next week and check out our streams that will go more in depth.


Q: Who is the best player in the game?

A: Mike Trout, who is rated 99.


Q: Is there timed hitting or classic hitting?

A: MLB The Show 16 hitting is the same as has it was last year and you still have to time the swing.


Q: Will franchise rosters be updated?

A: No, the roster will stay the same as what it was when you began the franchise and change on its own course as you play your franchise.


Q: Can I use “quick count” as hitting, but not for pitching?

A: No, you have to choose all or nothing when it comes to quick count.


Q: How many pitching and batting motions are there?

A: There are over 100 new pitching motions and closer to 200 for batting motions.


Q: Are minor league players real ones or no?

A: The minor leagues do not have a players association so they cannot be in there. Once players play in at least one MLB game they are added in the next update. However there are websites around that have rosters with minor league players on them.

MLB The Show 16 is set to be released on March 29th in three different editions- standard, MVP, and Digital Deluxe. Every version will be giving bonuses to people who pre-order. As found in many of the streams PlayStation 4 is given many extra features over PlayStation 3, such as some of the pre-order bonuses. The Show is of course PlayStation exclusive.

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