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MLB The Show 16 Developer Showcases New Details

Yesterday IGN streamed MLB The Show 16 content and showcased many of the new features being introduced. New in Road to the Show you can now choose your uniform when you make it to the pros, as well as an overall more personalized and exciting presentation specific to your pro. Many things they won’t reveal yet, but Road to the Show seems to be cleaned up with a focus on your own choices for specific presentations of new milestones that you may hit as you play. If you do not want these new presentations, you can easily skip because MLB The Show 16 is designed to be as streamlined or as in depth as you want. Scouting reports in all game modes are now much more realistic.

MLB The Show 16 will be released on both the PlayStation 3 and 4, although it is clear that San Diego Studios have made many features for only 4 to reward next generation console owners. One feature that PlayStation 4 has that 3 does not are “out of position animations”. Both systems have out of position penalties in order for players playing in positions that are not their own, and on next gen, there are actually new animations made for players playing out of their position: poor fielding animations. The emphasis on much of what was said during the stream is the extreme customization of actions and signature moves that each player could have. This means all kinds of infield and outfield plays, as well as home run swings all have hundreds of potential animations.

A new feature to MLB The Show 16 is precision input. What this means is that the game system is rewarding batters for more precise inputs, and punishing players for less precise inputs. There will be less random occurrences as we saw in previous games where timing and level would be almost perfect and you would pop out. This is a positive change as it rewards players being very precise. Stadiums have been updated to coincide with changes in stadiums since the Show 15. The game is still being worked on and updated up until the release date to make sure there are no bugs or problems, but there will be no major changes to the interface or game play.

Look forward to a franchise mode stream in the coming weeks to breakdown what has changed in MLB The Show 16 franchise mode. Two new game modes called “Conquest” and “Battle Royale” are set to be revealed to the public on March 7th. If you liked this video and the article, look for more articles covering the Show leading up to its March 29th release date.

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