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Hey guys. We have yet another NBA 2K17 dev blog to share with you. This time, Online Producer Shane Coffin is providing information on some of the changes that have been made to MyPARK in NBA 2K17. Enjoy:



New this year is the idea of Parks being “event” driven. Throughout the year, we will have different events scheduled, ensuring that the park is always fresh and always changing. In total, there are 5 different types of events, all of which can be accessed from one of the gates within your MyPARK. Event details to be displayed on the digital billboard in MyPARK, so keep a watch out for them. Let’s jump into the events:

Mountain Dew 3x Tournament 

A “WINNERS WIN” type of 3v3 tournament. Each user will be given a certain amount of entry tokens, use these tokens in a risk/reward wager system in an attempt to acquire as many dew points as possible and work your way up the leaderboard. Lose all your entry tokens, and you will be ELIMINATED from the event.

  • A Mountain Dew park that is sure to bring back a little nostalgia.
  • Unlimited boosts! The top 10 winners of each event will receive UNLIMTED attribute boosts for the entire span of 2K17.
  • Top 10 winners will also receive special, limited edition, Mountain Dew clothing and accessories.
  • Additionally, all participants will receive 2 jumbo park card packs (more on park cards in a bit).

Rival Day

Back and better than ever! The rivalry continues, Rivet City won the affiliation battle last year, can Old Town or Sunset unseat the Roughriders? Or will Rivet City prove again that they are the best of the best. Keep an eye on the Digital Wall in your MyPARK so you know when the next Rival Day event is going to take place.

  • Affiliation uniforms – Each affiliation will be decked out in their own affiliation specific uniforms to help separate them from their rivals.
  • New and distinctive venue.
  • Prizes – If your affiliation comes out on top, every participant will earn exclusive items and a VC bonus.


Put your money where your mouth is. Now part of the event system, be on the lookout for when the next Ante-Up event is taking in place so you can head over, play some games and add some coin to your pocket. Other ante-up features include.

  • Its own separate venue.
  • A chance at the progressive jackpot that may be worth millions!

House Rules 

Putting a twist on park games, this event will allow the user to play parks with unique rules. Everything from dunks are worth double, to a bonus when scoring from the hot zone. Other House Rules features include.

  • Its own separate venue.
  • Five different “rules”.

Double Rep Weekends 

Although this isn’t an event similar to the ones listed above, we will be running double rep weekends throughout the life cycle of 2K17. Be sure you keep an eye on the digital billboard so you don’t miss out on a double rep weekend!

There’s one more HUGE event type, and it’s… well it’s something else. We’ll have more news to come on that in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Around the Park

One of the best things about playing in MyPARK is the ability to customize your MyPLAYER and be unique. We have added to that this year with a ton of new player animations. There are way too many to list, so let me break them down into groups.

NBA 2K17 MyPark Blog
  • Squad Animations – Brand new this year, you and your squad mates can equip squad introductions to show off as you take the court.
  • Hanging out animations – Whether you are walking around the park, or calling “next”, equip any of these animations to show off your swagger.
  • Personal Introductions – Starting a game? We have add to the long list of player introductions this year to give you even more customization.
  • Getbacks – Hit a deep 3? Posterize a player? Send a weak shot back? Celebrate mid game with any of these “Getback” animations.
  • Post-Game Celebrations – Nothing better than rubbing it into the face of the losing team, we have added to the long list of celebrations this year, allowing you to talk as much trash as you can.
  • Gameplay Animations – New gameplay move packages (Passing, Dunks, Alley-oop, Flop, and Jump shot landings).
  • Rep animations – Now when you rep up, the entire park will take notice!

Park Cards

Park cards are back by popular demand. This year we have revamped park cards, making them easier to use. The biggest change is that users who are good teammates can earn the ability to use more than one card per game. We are also giving the user more customization when determining what cards they want to equip. Users can still equip up to four park cards, but now have the ability to equip any four cards, regardless of category. We feel like this will allow users to equip cards that tailor more to their play style.


Park Badges

Playing in the park is different than playing in the NBA. To help make park players stick out, we have added park specific badges that can only be earned/used while playing in the park. Having these badge will definitely give you a leg up in the park. In total there are 9 park badges.

  • Game Point – Are you one of the players that your teammates rely on to hit the big shot? This badge gives the player a boost when taking a potential game winning shot.
  • Road Dog – Do you like to travel to a rival’s court and run the court? This badge will give boost when playing on a rival’s court.
  • 7 Oh’s – The human highlight film. Boost teammates energy and defensive attributes when making a highlight a play.
  • Iron Man – Lose less energy while playing in park games. · Bone Collector – Increase your chance at breaking the ankles of your defender.
  • Legend Takeover – For users who tend to beat higher rep players, add a boost to you and your teammates during games versus higher rep players.
  • Park Bully – Perfect for flexing your muscle in the park, this badge will make opponents think twice before coming into the paint.
  • Winners Only – Winners win, go on a win streak and your player will heat up quicker than normal.
  • Streak Breaker – Beat a team on a winning streak, earn a rhythm boost for you and your teammates in the next game.

Additional info

There is still so much to talk about, but before I wrap up let me throw out some more nuggets of info for you.

NBA 2K17 MyPARK Blog

  • Earn Upgrades – We are really excited to reward the players who just want to play in the park. New this year, you can earn player upgrades while repping up.
  • Double Alleys – Users can now throw double alley oops in the park. We are really excited to see what kind of combos you guys can create!
  • 2K Player Card – You now have the ability to pull up the player card of anyone in your park. See things like, vitals, attributes, grades, skill graphs, badges, MyPARK and Pro-Am stats.

We are excited to expand on the park this year and look forward to everyone getting in there and representing their affiliation. As always, we really love seeing/reading/hearing any feedback and I look forward to seeing you guys in the park. Thanks for reading.

Oh and just another reminder, look out for the big news coming to MyPARK soon! – Shane Coffin.

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