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Axis Football 21 Customization Features

Axis Football 21 Customization Details

Axis Football 21 is coming later this year, and Axis Games has been hard at work on brand new customization features coming to this year’s game.

While editing team uniforms has been a part of the game for years, this year introduces a number of new ways to take customization to the next level. And it’s all done without needing to be a skilled modder or designer.

Axis Football 21 Team Suite

Axis Football 21 will include an all-new area known as “Team Suite”. In this suite, players will be able to either create a brand new team or edit one of the 36 default Axis Football teams.

It marks the first time players can create a brand new team within Axis Football.

You can choose your team city and nickname easily with a new on-screen keyboard for controller support, and picking your colors is as simple or complex as you’d like. You can take advantage of a full RGB slider or choose from a variety of pre-set color schemes from various popular football teams.

When creating your team, you are given pages of stock logos to choose from that you can then edit yourself with your colors of choice. Each new team will come with a default home and away uniform that you can edit, and you’ll also be able to make new ones as you see fit.

Once you decide on your logo and uniforms, there’s one more element to take care of: The stadium.

Axis Football 21 allows you to choose a field style for your home stadium as well as an endzone style. If you want to have an old-school feel with a baseball diamond in the middle of the field, you can set that in the game. Want astroturf? Go ahead. There are 26 different field styles and 59 different endzone styles for you to choose from to make a truly unique home field experience.

Even More Customization!

In addition to the Team Suite, there have been updates to the player editor and even playcalling in Axis Football 21.

When editing a roster, you’ll be able to change player positions which Danny Jugen, lead developer of Axis Game’s, says was a highly requested feature.

When it comes to playing actual games, the Team Suite will also let you set how the AI plays against you in terms of playcalling. Axis Football 21 allows users to weigh play types based on certain down and distance scenarios such as 3rd and short, offensive 1st down, defensive 2nd and long, and more.

Axis Football 21 Customization Play Tendencies

It’s an addition that the team at Axis Games believes will let players have the full experience they desire both on and off the field in both quick games and Franchise Mode.

Lastly, if modding is still your goal, this suite won’t do away with them. Mods will still be a part of the Axis Football 21 customization experience.

More information on Axis Football 21 will be released in the near future, including gameplay and Franchise Mode. Be sure to stick with Sports Gamers Online for more information.

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[…] Axis Football 21 Customization Details […]


[…] Axis Football 21 Customization Details […]