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Madden 21 Gridiron Notes Covers “The Yard”

Fans already have had the opportunity to play Madden 21 and their new game mode “The Yard” on their mobile devices for free. The game’s Gridiron Notes blog released the full details of the new game mode and what gamers can expect. Gridiron Notes covered multiple topics including the gameplay, playbooks, and the new world tour.

Madden 21 The Yard Details

What is The Yard?

The Yard is the new game mode where players can play in the backyard again with players playing six on six football games. Gamers can create an avatar and play through the whole experience. The avatar is customizable to the gamer’s liking as more accessories become available.

Gameplay and On The Field Features

The Yard features different gameplay from the normal games.

The gameplay for The Yard will be different than a regular Madden 21 game. Gamers will be able to perform different actions on the field including double passes, laterals, pass rush and pass timers, and multi-snap.

Players can score in different ways on the field. Touchdowns are still six points, but add two bonus points scoring with a double pass or lateral. If the player scores a touchdown longer than 40 yards, one extra point gets added on. Interceptions earn the player’s team one bonus point. Point-afters can either be one, two, or three-point conversions. The more points players go for, the further away players are from the end zone.

Gamers will have a single playbook to work with on the field. Players will be encouraged to create their own plays to own what they want to do on the field. It gives players the chance to take advantage of the full amount of trick plays.


Prototypes are based on NFL stars past and present, and they are models for gamers’ play style in The Yard. Gamers will start with prototype per positions. Players will also have to play both sides of the ball when they decide their positions.

This position will inform how gamers want to play, but it doesn’t mean they have to play that way. They could choose to line up at QB, but pick a WR-based prototype, while their best friend lines up on the outside with a QB. Then they would focus on behind-the-line passes, or multi-snap passes to the actual QB to kick off the play.

Each prototype comes with a unique X-Factor that cannot be changed. These X-Factors have unlocks in The Yard that are different than standard Madden.  These are more directly related to overall performance on the field than the specific unlocks players see in other modes. Just pull up the Coach Cam to see specific progress towards activating players’ X-Factor.

Teammates and Squads

In most games against the CPU, Madden will draft a team of NFL Superstars to join the player’s avatar. They will be randomly picked from the players assigned to that location. Each location in the World Tour will have different players that they can play with and against.

When players are playing by themselves, they will be able to switch to any player on the field. In a duos game, each player will control their own Avatar as well as two NFL stars. In a trios game, gamers will each control themselves and one other NFL star.

In certain events, gamers will get to draft their own teammates. This will happen after all the human players in an event have picked their position and Prototype. Pay attention to the Prototype type and level, as well as the slotted Abilities, of each NFL star to create a team that is unstoppable.

Madden 21 The Yard World Tour

Madden 21 The Yard launch

Gamers will play in different locations including Miami Port, Lambeau Tailgate, F.O.B. Nico, and Brandenburg Football Festival. Each one of these locations has unique challenges that gamers can take on. For instance, at F.O.B. Nico players will take on single drive drills with changing field position. In Miami, players will face first-and-goal situations. These locations may also change the duration of the Pass Rush Timer.

For more details on everything involving Madden 21 and The Yard, gamers can read the Girdiron Notes at this link given.  For more information on The Yard, check out our early playthrough impressions.


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