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MLB The Show 19: Bryce Harper Cover Unveiled, First Look at Diamond Dynasty


Sony San Diego Studio (SDS) revealed the official cover of MLB The Show 19, which drops for Playstation 4 on March 26. They also dropped details on a new-look Diamond Dynasty system and took a deep dive into the all-new Moments mode.  Each Thursday leading up to the game’s release, SDS developers and designers will live stream on Twitch from the game’s studio. Today’s broadcast was an in-depth look at the all-new ‘Moments’ mode, plus the very first look at Diamond Dynasty. Here’s a full breakdown of the news from today’s stream.

Bryce Harper Picks Phillies, Cover Unveiled

Thursday, Bryce Harper officially signed with the Philadelphia Phillies, signing a monstrous 13-year $330 million contract. MLB The Show was quick in updating their previous cover of the game, which featured Harper with a generic hoodie on. Here’s a look at the cover that will hit shelves in late March.

Diamond Dynasty First Look

If you played MLB The Show 18, you’re in for quite a different experience in MLB The Show 19’s Diamond Dynasty. The ticket counter, immortals and souvenirs are all gone in the upcoming game. SDS promises more top tier cards at each position in an effort to cut down on similar lineups among players. Instead of a ticket counter, SDS said they have reinvented that system and will reveal a better way in an upcoming stream.

Multiple lineups are finally here. For the first time ever in Diamond Dynasty, you will be able to save more than one lineup. This especially helps when grinding towards completing missions or programs, when a grinding lineup will look significantly different that one used competitively online.

SDS took a deeper look at Moments in Diamond Dynasty. Monday’s Gamestop video was more than a teaser, but was just a few minutes long. Thursday’s stream lasted more than an hour, and the developer team thoroughly explained the brand new mode. Completing moments will help anyone who plays Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 19. Whether you enjoy playing Battle Royale, Events, Ranked Seasons or just like unlocking and collecting cards, moments will be a key to success.


Programs are completely revamped for MLB The Show 19. Instead of brainless and mind-numbing stat missions against the computer on rookie difficulty, you’ll be asked to complete a series of Moments in order to unlock program points. Reaching the program’s points goal will then grant you access to unlock cards. In the example shown during the broadcast, the program rewards were Andruw Jones, Cy Young and Goose Gossage. Upon completing all of the moments in the program, you receive a choice pack to get one of the three cards.

New Legends Revealed

Four new legends were uncovered throughout the stream. Those players include Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, Cy Young, Rogers Hornsby are all brand new to MLB The Show. Below is an in-game look at Wood and Prior.


New Diamond Cards Revealed

Four new diamond cards were also shown to conclude the broadcast. Veteran Tony Gwynn (88 overall), rookie Ted Williams (87), breakout Curtis Granderson (87) and hardware Kerry Wood (88) were all shown. Below is a look at the card art for all four.

Veteran Tony GwynnRookie Ted WilliamsBreakout Curtis GrandersonHardware Kerry Wood

MLB The Show 19 News Schedule

In addition to today’s stream, SDS has released an upcoming broadcast schedule for all future MLB The Show 19 news. The next news day is Monday, when SDS will release a short video with Gamestop for another preview of MLB The Show 19. Below is the full schedule.

You can watch Sony San Diego’s Twitch broadcasts, including past streams, here.

What do you think of the improvements to Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 19? Which of the new legends will you get on your team right away? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe to SGO.

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