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FIFA 22 Next Gen Free To Play

FIFA 22 Next Gen Upgrade Will Cost You

According to EA’s FAQ on Dual Entitlement, the program limits access to the free FIFA 22 Next-Gen upgrade to those purchasing the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition.

FIFA 22 Next Gen upgrade limitations

Since the release of next gen consoles, most games have launched with an option to upgrade to the their next gen counterparts for free. Thus many titles have made use of “Smart Delivery” on Xbox and a similar process on PlayStation. With FIFA 21, those who purchase any version of the game could upgrade to the next gen version at no cost. However, this is no longer the case with FIFA 22. Will players can still upgrade to the next version, they will need to purchase the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition in order to do.

“Dual Entitlement is only available with the purchase of the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition. The Standard Edition of FIFA 22 does not include Dual Entitlement.”

EA expresses the situation in plain text. Those purchasing the standard version of FIFA 22 must purchase the game again should they wish to play on next gen. Therefore, in order to qualify, players need to buy the ultimate edition which runs about $99.99 USD/£89.99. Standard version of the game run some 40 dollars less. Of course, for EA members both version will be discounted at 10% off. Its a good time to make use of that discount.

This marks a new strategy in regards to upgrading to next gen version of games. As mentioned, most titles simply offer it freely. EA appears to be setting a new trend with putting the option behind a pseudo-paywall. Depending on reception, this will likely be the strategy moving forward. As more games launch, we’ll likely continue to Dual Entitlement eligibity shift to different requirements.

Upgrading to Next Gen

Aside from the ultimate edition restriction, the offer is as expected. Players can download and play the PlayStation 4 version of FIFA 22 via PlayStation 5, and the Xbox One version via Xbox Series X|S. Additionally, players can switch back and forth provided both are installed on the respective consoles. Of course, for other questions and answers, check out the FIFA 22 Dual Entitlement FAQ. And, in case you missed it, be sure to catch the official trailer.

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