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Master League will come to eFootball in 2023

The slow burn that is eFootball 2022 continues. 

With Konami’s poor release of eFootball 2022 firmly behind them, the Japanese publisher pushes forward with its free-to-play football title. Over the last couple of months, eFootball received many updates regarding gameplay, in-game commentary, and, most notably, its Dream Team mode.

However, eFootball’s Master League and Become A Legend modes have remained absent. Unfortunately, fans have to wait a little longer to experience Master League as the mode won’t be released until 2023. Sadly, there still isn’t any news on eFootball’s player career mode either. 

Master League is Coming in 2023

Konami has stated that paid DLC will be coming to eFootball further down the line. As this tweet states, additional teams and Master League will be part of paid DLC. These new additions are making their way later this year and early next year. 

Master League is eFootball’s career mode equivalent to FIFA’s Manager Mode. The last time Konami featured Master League in the series was eFootball PES 2021; Where players could use legendary managers like Diago Maradona. Unfortunately, Konami’s decision to rebrand PES into eFootball, use a free-to-play structure, and transfer the game into an entirely new engine has resulted in eFootball to release in a bone dry state. 

If you’re still are still unsure about playing eFootball 2022, then we got you covered. You can check out our review of the game here.

The result of these changes is a free-to-play football title that is nowhere near ready to take the main stage at any Esports event. eFootball is a mediocre, watered-down football experience that is way below the expectation of Konami. Curtis Russell, eFootball 2022 review.

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