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PS5 Hardware Concerns For Sony

SGO Insider

With the PlayStation 5 set to launch later this year, many have been confused as to why, six months after we got the first look at the Xbox Series X, consumers have yet to see what the actual box of the PS5 looks like. 

While in 2013, the company waited until E3 to unveil the look of the system, many expected a different approach this time around, especially with the cancellation of E3. Despite the internal desire to get more information out to the public, Sony executives have been concerned about the hardware of the upcoming console. 

A source close to the development of the PS5 has told SGO that despite what the company is saying publicly, worries of possible hardware failures are high due to what is being packed into the console.

“They are trying to fit so much into a small box in order to keep a sleek look that consumers will want,” the source said. “The last thing they want is consoles dying left and right.”

When pressed on the level that the problem may present, the source simply said, “think red ring of death, and double it.”

While it all sounds bad, the source did make sure to note that most of the consoles being used right now have had no major issues which is a stark contrast to that of just a few months ago. That progress is easing the worry of many, but until the consoles are in the hands of consumers there will be concern that Sony could face its own RRoD controversy at a time when it can least afford it.

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